A selection of praxMatrix’s  current projects:


coursePraxis is our multi-user and fully customisable learning platform directed toward the training, NGO, SME and corporate sectors. coursePraxis provides a rich set of participatory, social and community based tools to build the learning experience around.

Australian Wool Innovation

Australian Wool Innovation is the key marketing group representing the Australian wool industry and wool growers. praxMatrix is developing an online, multi-lingual, community driven learning platform for the AWI to help promote and educate users of Australian wool and wool products around the world.

International Award for Young People

The development of a global ‘train the trainer’ online learning platform to provide training for Award leaders around the world. The project has to take into consideration large variations in culture, language and technical infrastructure in the target countries.

The pilot is currently under development and will be launched at conferences in Korea, India and the UK by Anthony Hughes, praxMatrix CEO in October and November of 2010.

The project is in association with AFG Venture Group.

Charlton Brown, Brisbane

praxMatrix is working in partnership with Charlton Brown to convert all of their current certified distance learning courses into fully interactive online courses.

Charlton Brown provides early childhood and aged care training .

SJW Group

SJW is a UK based English language training organisation that has been a client of praxMatrix for over 8 years we are currently working on upgrading all of their digital communications channels and social media channels.

International Education Connect

International Education Connect is a UK based  organisation that has a number of key portal sites for education that have been developed and maintained by praxMatrix. International Education Connect has been a praxMatrix client for over a decade and we work with them to ensure that their digital portals and online communications are providing the best resources for their clients and users.

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