Our consulting service, led by Principal Consultant Anthony Hughes, has over 30 years experience advising and assisting organisations around the globe.

If your organisation is planning a digital media project or an elearning build we will be happy to help you navigate the often complex and rapidly changing possibilities offered by new digital technologies as well as helping you create an efficient, cost-effective and successful digital strategy for the implementation and maintenance of your project.

eLearning strategy, development and implementation

Our eLearning services allow you to customize your training program to meet the specific needs and goals of your organization while respecting your budgetary guidelines.

We accompany you through the entire process from strategy development, through instructional design, media selection and mix, user interface development and course development using a  variety of interactive and engaging digital tools and techniques to develop the ideal platform for your organisation.  Your team will be able to access training from anywhere, at any time.

The AHM team of experienced professionals work with you to design a comprehensive program that meets your budget and schedule, ensuring maximum ROI.

An AHM elearning platform allows you to track learner progress and monitor performance, appoint team leaders for specific courses or learning paths and gives you valuable insight into your team’s strengths and areas for improvement.


digital media & your organisation

Do you have a project that requires a mix of digital media assets: audio, video, image, website, social media, and digital downloads?

The design and execution of a professional project with a wide-ranging digital media mix requires skillful planning, organisation, development and technical and marketing operations that AHM has had years of experience perfecting.

AHM will help you build, develop and create all of the necessary digital media assets for your project as well as the technical hosting and linking of an digital asset-rich campaign.

training, workshops & consultancy

Anthony Hughes provides training in eLearning management and development (optimising design and development techniques, learner motivation, instructional design, media development) in the form of half and full day workshops, lectures and speaking assignments.

translation & localisation

AHM provides translation services for most European languages and will guide you through the best practice to provide additional translations for your website or eLearning platform.