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Anthony Hughes Media has over 30 years experience in international education and consulting for leading organisations globally. Anthony leads a team of digital media and e-learning specialists servicing organisational clients in Europe, North America and Australia.

Anthony Hughes

Anthony has spent over 30 years working in the fields of international education, learning materials development, instructional design, digital media and e-learning.

He has developed educational platforms for remote, self-paced and online learning and delivered training workshops, consultancy and conference papers for organisations and audiences around the world.

With his team of elearning and digital media specialists, he can help you with every stage from planning your elearning project and developing learning strategies for your users, through the design and development phases and into the technical hosting and maintenance of your elearning system.

Anthony would be happy to have a free preliminary consultation with you to talk through how he can help your organisation with its elearning and digital media projects.

When we approach the design of an eLearning project, our main objective is not to think of design from a purely technical and structural perspective but primarily from a learning and experiential perspective. We place the learner - the person - at the centre of the design process.
Anthony Hughes
— 'Approach and Design of Effective ELearning'
Paper delivered to the 6th Pan-Asian Conference on eLearning

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