praxMatrix online learning and training services


If you are looking for an e-learning solution for your organization or are confused about how to take the first steps toward providing an e-learning service, praxMatrix can help with every step of the process from initial needs analysis, consultancy, design and development and courseware re-purposing to implementation and systems maintenance.

praxMatrix has many years experience developing for the training and education sectors. Our management team has worked in international education for over twenty years and has provided consultancy to some of the world’s largest international education organizations.

praxMatrix for development

We have developed courses in conjunction with many leading education and training providers such as the University of the West of England, Milan Chamber of Commerce, and the Digital Education Network. If you are interested in working with us to produce high-quality course materials please contact us.

praxMatrix for content re-purposing

If you have existing course material that you are planning to convert to an e-learning or i-learning environment, praxMatrix can provide consultancy and technical assistance so that your course is given the best platform, technically and pedagogically, possible.

praxMatrix for e-learning marketing

If you already have an e-learning course we can provide marketing services to increase your market share. We have a particular expertise in online marketing. Apart from our online expertise we can also provide marketing services for the Australian, European and Asian markets.

praxMatrix for content modules

praxMatrix has designed a number of resource content modules that can fit seamlessly into your existing e-learning course structure and both deepen and support the content that you are providing your to your users.
Modules include communication skills such as The Good Writing Guide, The Online English Grammar, Presentation Skills, Vocabulary Builder and Punctuation Guide and are backed up with online dictionaries, thesauri and translators. We offer a number of partnering and/or licensing arrangements for the
use of content.

Contact us for more information on:

  • developing online assessment & aptitude tests
  • integrated learning environments
  • testing and tracking systems
  • full course development
  • syndicated content modules
  • partnering with praxMatrix for course development or course

For more information and a personal discussion of your requirements please contact us