What does a praxLearn™ Plan include

A praxLearn™ Plan includes four key components that give you all the power and tools you need to build a successful online learning site. 

Hosting (full hosting included with each plan), WP (the basic framework) and the LMS (to build your courses and manage your students) are common to all our plans. The social learning community (to build your learning community and add groups etc) add-on is part of the CLASSROOM and CAMPUS plans and can be included in the other plans as a monthly or annual add-on cost.

The standard install has no customisation for design, branding or course features – you provide that as the administrator of the site. We can, of course, provide customisation services for you at our hourly rates. If you need to customise a lot of functionality as well as design we would recommend that you take our Custom Development service rather than a plan.

Who are they best suited for?

Plans are best suited for individuals or organisations who want to run their own online learning service but who do not want to deal with the technical side of setting up adequate hosting, installing a platform, an LMS and community software on a server, getting the basic design right and preparing the site for running online courses. It helps if you have some knowledge of WordPress and website design and customisation or are prepared to learn-as-you-go as the plans do not provide any additional customisation services from praxLearn or praxMatrix after you start administering the site.

Although the plan installations are ready-to-go, you will be responsible for customising your installation, building the courses and maintaining your learning site. Although there are online training and ‘how to’ docs, we can also provide customisation and additional training at our hourly rates. If you are not sure if a plan can work for you we are happy to provide a free consultancy to help you select the right way forward for you and your organisation.

Not sure?

If you are not sure which plan suits you best or whether a fully customised development is better for your requirement, please contact us – we’re happy to help guide you to the right solution.

The Plans

All plans are pre-paid monthly or yearly. Prices do not include VAT/Taxes that may be applicable in your country. For prices in € (Euros) please see this page.

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praxlearn™ plans


You don’t need to be a techie or a design geek to run a praxLearn Learning Platform! You can concentrate on your students and getting your courses online.

Student Admin Panel

Administer your students and track results directly from your own admin panel.. See how many students have completed your courses and how many are still 'in progress'. View individual students progress.

There For You as You Grow

The great thing about praxLearn plans is that you can upsize as your student numbers increase and/or your course catalogue gets bigger. It's as easy as clicking a button!

Updated & Maintained

We make sure your learning site stays healthy! praxLearn sites are updated, with the latest versions of the tools we use and backed up and maintained. We also monitor them for any downtime and security breaches.

Support Service

We have a support team waiting to help and advise you when you need it as well as plenty of documentation, tutorials and recommended learning sites to help you create your courses.

Easy Edit and Create

Course editing and creation is easy. praxLearn sites have a front-end form-based system where you can add new courses as well as edit and manage existing courses. and set a range of course variables such as free/paid etc.

Easy payment add-on

If you are going to be selling access to your courses we can provide an easy payment gateway solution so that your users can subscribe using a trusted and secure payment gateway.