[Header photo: Sri Lanka,  © Anthony Hughes]

Anthony Hughes and photography

Photography has been an integral part of my career. It has been one of the key mediums that I have worked in to develop client projects in the digital space, through project documentation, online learning development, and public education projects. Many of my photographs shown here, for example, from India, Nepal and Bali were originally for work-based projects.

Apart from the aesthetic, representational and pictorial nature of photography, I’m interested in the semiological, ethical, philosophical and theoretical considerations that surround it.  Particularly; how the photographer’s ‘point-of-view’ and personal and creative narratives can give rise to questionable, or at the least, ambiguous,  representation of cultural, national and social identity and create false narratives based around the photographer’s own cultural and/or political and social biases and conditioning.  In particular, whether this false narrative (where it exists) can be traced to neocolonial interpretations of the photographer’s subjects.