Participatory Learning Workshop, Seoul, Korea 25-29 October,2010

I’ll be in Seoul, Korea between the 24th October and the 30th October presenting at the International Award Association’s ‘Asia Pacific Regional Training Workshop’.

I’ll be running a two hour workshop on the 27th that will concentrate firstly on what learners, and especially Generation Y learners, expect of the learning experience and what participatory, constructivist and connectivist learning means in this context and secondly on the online training project that praxMatrix and AFG Venture Group have been developing for the IAA to train their Award Leaders.

The five day event is sharply focused on Generation Y and how the IAA can successfully engage with them to develop the Award in the Asia Pacific arena.

I’m looking forward to having this opportunity, the first in a series of presentations I’ll be making in 2010-2011, to get some of our ideas ‘out there’ but also to meet and engage with other participants who are thinking around these issues.

Learning and the learning environment is changing incredibly fast and we’re living in exciting and potentially very creative times where learning can really, finally, break free of a lot of the contraints and methodolgies that have stymied creativity and the essentially creative nature of the learning process.

I’ll report more from Korea!

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