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The Australian Council for Educational Research has just launched a new network to further research in education and the use of digital media. Understandably, there isn’t much there at the moment but the initiative is very welcome and hopefully will encourage some productive networking and collaboration between those interested in digital media and education. The website is at and you need to register to access any of the content.

From the DERN website

Digital Education Research Network (DERN) is a network of researchers interested in research about education and the use of digital technologies to improve teaching and learning. It focuses mainly on Australian research although not exclusively. DERN is looking for research evidence about good educational and learning practices. Please join us to share your insights into and knowledge of research into teaching and learning using digital technologies.

The DERN service was launched on 16 March, 2010, featuring the thought provoking monograph Building Innovation: Learning with technologies written by Associate Professor Dr Kathryn Moyle for the Australian Council for Educational Research.

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