Living in a Digital World

Following my recent posting on how the digital world may be a genie with a capacity for tremendous benefit whilst harbouring the potential to create significant social problems I was fascinated by the following video. Well worth the hour or so you will need to watch it. It shows just how embedded digital media and technology now is in our lives (or are we are in its) and addresses many of the social, ethical and political issues that may be or already have arisen from the rapid ascendancy of digital media.

Digital Nation from FRONTLINE and broadcast on the USA’s PBS network investigates what it means to be living not only at the start of a new century but also in a work transformed by digital media – a digital world.
You can watch the whole programme on this page or go to the PBS website and watch it there and access the supporting content.

Continuing a line of investigation she began with the 2008 FRONTLINE report Growing Up Online, award-winning producer Rachel Dretzin embarks on a journey to understand the implications of living in a world consumed by technology and the impact that this constant connectivity may have on future generations.

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