Developing a Digital Media Strategy

Developing a digital media strategy is about knowing who your clients or users are and clearing a direct path from you to them. It is knowing who your clients are and what the message is that you want to deliver and that they want to hear.
It may look a little complicated when you start thinking about websites, mobile apps, social networks, email campaigns, viral marketing etc., but the starting point is always the same: What do I have to say and who am I saying it too? When that question is clear, you can ask praxMatrix for the most effective and simplest digital media strategy to carry your message to your users (being complicated rarely adds to the mix).

To build a digital strategy and connect with your audience you may want to start with these key questions to evaluate your audience’s behaviour and attitudes toward digital media:

Where are your customers online?

Are they active on particular web sites, forums and/or social networks? What type of services or products are they interested in? Do they have particular expectations for their online experience?

What are your customers’ social behaviours?

Do they tend to just read content? Or are they active commenters/contributors? Does design and image play a big part in the way they perceive the value of the content? Do they prefer the content delivered via rich media such as video and audio?

What social information or people do customers rely on?

Are most of your users or clients coming through word-of-mouth from colleagues, friends and family? Or do they follow particular online influencers? Do most clients find you through online sources such as search engines? Is your client base mainly local and or national?

How do your customers use social technologies to learn, make decisions and support your products and/or services?

Do social networks or particular Web sites influence your customers’ decisions or behaviours? How do these online entities sit beside your own current or planned digital platform? Will your clients or visitors actively use your digital platform to influence others? If there is a learning component – how are the users responding to that component and how important is it in the support and/or marketing of you services or products?

Thinking carefully about the questions and forming clear responses is the best move a company can make before engaging in the development of a digital media strategy. It starts with a digital media audit to determine what your communication objective is, where your customers are, how they respond as a group to digital media and in what forms, what they are talking about and thinking about in terms of your message, services and products, what other competitor organizations are doing in terms of developing digital platforms to communicate with their client and user base and what types of content and interaction is preferred by your users and client base.

Framing the answers to these questions is the first, crucial step in building a digital media strategy for your company. Once you have this clearly defined praxMatrix can map out a clear and effective digital strategy with you and then implement that strategy through the selected digital platforms such as websites, apps, social networks, and digital marketing .

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