Australian Education: Passport to A Global Career

Australian Education Student GuideAustralian Education: Passport to A Global Career (ISBN 978-1-921156-53-3) has been published and is now available. The guide offers a comprehensive coverage of Australian education and education providers and has been especially written for international students wanting to study in Australia.

In her forward, the (new!) Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, says:

“I am pleased to recommend this book. It gives a lively and comprehensive account, not only of the quality of Australia’s education system, but also of many of the institutions that strive to deliver a world-class education to our international students.”

As I’m one of the contributing writers for the book this is a slightly biased endorsement of the Prime Minister’s recommendation! However, the guide does contain everything that an international student needs to know to study in Australia and was completely revised this year to reflect changes in the Australian education and immigration systems as they effect international students.

If you are an educational service organisation, especially if you are involved with international students,  and would like a copy of the book (RRP is $39.95) please contact me and I will pass your request on to the publisher.

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